I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous product!  We just received our first (there will be future purchases) Little Keeper Sleepers for our 2 ½ y.o. daughter that has ASD and sensory issues.  She enjoys taking her clothes and pajamas off, especially when she has a dirty diaper, and providing us with messes that take countless hours to clean. L  With these beautiful pjs, which she calls “cozy”, we haven’t had any messes to clean up! We can relax a bit when she goes in the playroom with her brothers, knowing she isn’t getting into too much trouble.  They are adorable, were shipped very fast, and are exactly what we needed. Thank you!!!
Julie - Oakdale, CT

I have to sincerely thank you for making such an amazing product. My two year old son has just started taking his diaper off, even with a onsie on and zip up footie Pj’s! My husband and I thought we were going to lose our minds washing three loads of laundry a day and constantly sanitizing his bed. We tried backwards Pj’s, Onsies under Pj’s, duct tape on the diaper, and plastic pants and NOTHING WORKED…that is until we found your product.

We are in the process of selling our house and finally my little guys room smells fresh and clean and not stinky~!

I will definitely be recommending this product to all the mom’s in MONA, and to all of my other girlfriends with little ones!

Again we can’t thank you enough!


Melissa – Arlington, Virginia

I ordered the Little Keeper Sleeper about a month ago (through my mom and sister) and can’t say enough about your wonderful product! The shipping was FAST, too, which was a major plus. 🙂 The quality of the product is as good, if not better, than the regular sleepers she used to wear as jammies, but with the security of an army base. Since we received our order, our little pooping-Picasso hasn’t had a single disastrous after-sleep diaper painting party. I can now walk into her room with joy and confidence knowing she (and her diaper contents) are secure where they should be. One of my very favorite features is the non-stretchable neckline. She has wiggled her way out of more than one stretched cotton neckline.

Thanks again. We are thoroughly enjoying your product, and I will be recommending it to all of my friends! You definitely should look into Canadian distribution!

(Proud Canadian supporter of the Little Keeper Sleeper!)


Corinne - Canadian

Hi – I just wanted to tell you how much I love your product. This will be my third order for my almost 2 year old. My oldest daughter would never get out of her pajamas and I never had accidents but my youngest can get out of footed pajamas that are forward or backward with duct tape strapped around the zipper multiple times…I don’t know how but she did. I tried another product but that only was around the diaper and she still reached in and pulled her poop out. After 5 times of finding poop smeared on the crib and many more of just pee in the bed, I was at my wits end. I found these and she now sleeps in them for nap and bedtime. It is great and she cannot possibly get out of them. Thank you for making such a great product, how innovative and yet how simple…I tell everyone!


Cynthia - Atlanta, GA

I just ordered 4 LKS for my youngest daughter and I just wanted to praise you guys for a great, durable product that has saved my sanity so many times.
I bought my first LKSs when my oldest daughter was 2 years old and I was at my wits end with trying to figure out how to keep her from strip down at nap time and bedtime. Back then (around 2011/2012) you only had the LKS in that light green color, but I didn’t care, because they WORK!! When my son was around 1.5-2 years old  (2014/2015) he started stripping down every chance he got, just like my daughter did, so I immediately pulled out the original LKSs from my daughter and ordered a few more in the stripes, because he was a bigger kid then my daughter.
Now my youngest daughter is almost 2 years old and LKS is saving my sanity again. I still have the little green ones from my first purchase and some of the little striped ones from my second purchase and just ordered a few more because I had given some away to friends who were having their sanity tested by their little Houdini’s.
Even the original ones that I have are still in almost perfect condition, sturdy zippers and buttons and fabric that shows only minimal wear.
I just love your products and I recommend them every chance I get. I just wanted to let you guys know all of this.


Megan - Greenville, TX

This is my second order. I can’t believe that he can NOT get out of this PJ. This has completely changed our lives. Also, he wants to wear them, I guess it feels like deep pressure. Now all I need is shoes!! Thanks so much!


Georgia - Buckeye, AZ

My son would go to sleep every night and wake up at some point and remove his pajamas and diaper and go back to sleep. Every morning he awoke to a messy situation. My wife and I were at our wits end. I searched some websites and stumbled upon one of your testimonials and was happy to see that others had the same problems. We ordered two of your Little Keeper Sleepers and have had no issues. My son got used to wearing them very quickly and loves them. Thank you so much for your ingenuity and for providing such a quality product, we will be recommending this to everyone we can.


Scott – Chaska, Minnesota

I just wanted to let you know we received our LKS pajamas and we are loving them!!  We have twin 2 year old boys. We’ve done the reverse pajamas, we’ve tried onsies over pajamas, we even resorted to Duct tape!!!  All failed because the boys are very determined, AND they help each other!!!!!  Our sanity was slowly slipping away!!!  The last 3 days of nap and bedtome have been amazing!  No naked babies, no hidden full diapers, and now they lay down rather than spending time stripping!  Plus, now they can again wear footed PJs so their toes aren’t chilly and their pants legs aren’t up at their knees!!


Soooooo fantastic— you are life changing company and a lifesaver for parents!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Dawn - Oakton VA

Dear Miraquad Corp,

I have to let you know how pleased I am with the LKS. Shipping was super fast. In fact, I ordered items online from another large department store on June 1st and I have yet to see my package. I ordered my LKS items at the beginning of the week, June 11, and they have already arrived by week’s end.

The color of the sleeper does leave a lot to be desired. As far as fashion goes this would not be your first choice (okay maybe not even on the list) however; if you have ever had to clean up after a diaper disaster (and I’ve cleaned a few) you know darn well that fashion is the last thing on the mind. The only thing that really matters is does it work??? And this surely works!!!! It doesn’t get better than that!!!!! The fit is great, she can’t make it through the arm holes or footies and she just can’t figure out that darn zipper although she has spent countless naps dedicated to the puzzle

I usually don’t write reviews however; I read them religiously and reviews often help me make my purchasing decision. This is a product that I feel deserves my honest, open and pleased feedback.

Not only do they work but, they hold up great through multiple washings. During the same time of my first order I also purchased a similar product through another company (very cute and fashionable). They have not held up nearly as well. One pair got a hole during the first few weeks of use and both leg and arm holes are able to be stretched out for access when the desire and focus is there. The LKS sleepers are still in great shape. You should think about starting out some type of swap out program because the only problem is that sooner or later they like everything else will be outgrown.

I am now on my second order and her habits have not yet changed. I’m glad to know that the LKS will be growing with her!

Thank you, you have made a terrific product that has stood the test of time!



Sara - Bellevue, WA

Thank you soo much for your great product!! Our granddaughters (twins) slept last nite in their new sleepers and did not get them off, not once. They both had been taking off their clothes at bedtime, one in particular would do it all nite…we would fnd her cold and undressed during the nite. Last night, a cold one, they slept warm and secure in your great sleepers. Every once in a while a great product is developed that satisfies the need to be commercially viable but also gives parents (and Grandparents) such a secure feeling knowing a problem has been solved and their love ones are protected…yours is such a product.

Thank You


Bud and Sandy - Gig Harbor, WA

Our two-year-old son likes to take off his clothes and run around naked. This was not good for his three older sisters to see, and certainly not good when company came over. It was comforting to know he was warm and clothed during the night when he was wearing the Little Keeper Sleeper®. This product worked wonders in keeping his clothes on both day and night. Thanks!!


Todd & Lori – Algonquin, IL

I’ve ordered these AMAZING pajamas in the past & must tell you how much they have changed mornings in our home. It’s nice to not wake up to a mess every day!! Thanks very much for these!!


Brandi - Ontario, Canada

I searched EVERYWHERE in Australia for suits like this but THANK GOD we found you!! Our 4 year old son is Autistic and was ALWAYS taking his pj’s off up to 10 times a night before he even went to sleep ..VERY STRESSFUL! It didn’t matter if they were back to front stiff zip or even invisible zip he got out of it.
Since receiving these suits he has NOT ONCE gotten out of them. A fantastic product that I will recommend to everyone.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Little Keeper Sleepers


Luis and Susan - NSW Australia

Thank you for coming up with this product. We have a special needs daughter and we didn’t know where to turn when she started to take her pajamas and diaper off at night and during nap time. She’s been happily wearing the Little Keeper Sleepers for two years now and we need to buy the larger sizes. Thanks!

Carolina - West Haven, UT

Your pajamas are great and a godsend!


I just wanted to send a great BIG thank you for your LKS. They literally changed my life! I have 3 children and my youngest child began removing his sleepers and diapers around 18 months. He could escape out of any sleeper and believe me I tried them all. I even tried putting the sleeper on backwards with a turtleneck onesie over the top, and duct taped the diaper. Once he escaped from that I felt hopeless. I dreaded naptime and bedtime and felt like I was destined to clean up these horrifying messes everyday. So, I began a search for a product that could help me. I couldn’t find anything at first. But then, I found your website while on babycenter.com. I read some comments from parents who had tried these pj’s and swore they worked even for their own little Houdinis. We ordered one and he coudn’t take it off. I thought, well, let’s give it a couple more nights and see what happens. Nope, he couldn’t get them off! It has been a year and he has never been able to get them off! We have 4 and I am about to place an order for 2 more. I have washed and dried them countless times. They are made of such good quality and have held up really well. I love the new colors and stripes by the way. They are really cute!

Thank you again for such a wonderful product.



Jessica - Atlanta, GA

My sister told me about the Little Keeper Sleeper and I love it. My little angel loves to take off her pajamas and diaper. Now, she can not get out of her pajamas. The best part is there are no more potty training messes to find around the house in the morning. Love it! If you have a child like mine, you will love it, too.


Chad & Jennifer - Prairie Farm, Wisconsin

I am writing to you to thank you for your great product! They are well made, high quality and quite ingenious! I work with children with special needs, so I am always on the lookout for products that might help my families. On a personal level, I also have good friends with twin boys, recently diagnosed with Autism. The boys prefer to be out of their pjs or clothes frequently. After an internet search, I found your product and ordered my friends a set for Christmas. They put them on and watched them work to get out of the sleeper, but they couldn’t do it! As a result of the success of the Little Keeper Sleeper, they ordered several more sets.

I will be sharing the information on your company and your product to the families I work with…thanks for your creative invention. It will help a lot of people.


Kristi - Bothell, WA

I just want to say Thank you!!! Your sleepers are a dream come true! My 3 year old son, Aiden, was always getting out of his pj’s. Like so many others, I cut off the feet, turned them backward and used a locking safety pin to hold the neck tight. He still figured out how to get out of them. With the Little Keeper Sleepers, he has no chance of escaping. I have watched him try! HaHaHa! One point for Mama and 100 for you guys at Little Keeper Sleepers. Just this afternoon, I had to wash so he was stuck wearing an old, cut up pair of pj’s for his nap. Within 30 minutes, he was naked and had peed on the floor outside his crib. At least he likes clean sheets. Thank goodness the laundry was just about done so I could get him in a keeper. Now, he’s sound asleep, dressed and Mama is relaxing. Thank you so much for creating these magnificent, wonderful, sanity-saver pj’s!


Danielle - Lubbock Texas

I can’t thank you enough for these jammies, we have been using them for a few months now, and they are a god send!!

I no longer have a stripping toddler! Not only do these pajamas stay on my almost 3 year old but they keep the pull ups on all night, yay!!!!! I can’t say thanks enough. P.S. LOOOOOVE the new feeties!


Jodi - Royal Palm Beach, FL

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about this product because my twins could get out of anything. They are 2 and at a stage where they want to be naked all the time and that includes their diapers!
We tried everything including putting pj’s on backwards and duct tape on the diaper and nothing could keep them from taking off their pj’s and diapers. Out of desperation one day, I did an internet search and lo and behold I came across this site. I ordered 4 pair right away and prayed that this would finally be the answer. Well, it’s been 2 weeks now and they have not managed to figure out how to get these off! They sure tried in the beginning but now they like having pj’s on and some days they wear them all day because it’s the only clothing they will tolerate for a long period of time. The snug fit makes them perfect for play because their clothes don’t get caught in stuff.

I love them so much, I just ordered 4 more!

Thanks so much for an amazing product and for making my life so much


Camille – Watertown, WI

The Little Keeper Sleepers have been a lifesaver. My daughter has special needs and these pjs help soothe and calm her. She is finally sleeping soundly. Her diaper stays on and I no longer have to wash her sheets and blankets every day! Can’t thank you enough.


Sarah - Cherry Hill, NJ

These have been a Godsend!! (and that is an understatement) One of my little guys likes to run around naked, tinkling everywhere he goes. The other likes to empty little nasty surprises from his diaper during the night. I never knew what mess was going to greet me in the mornings. Thank you for taking away that morning dread!!


Stacy - Omaha, NE

I just wanted to drop a line and say THANK YOU for making such a great product. I have 2.5 year old triplets (two boys and a girl) and our two boys decided a few months back that they did not want to keep their diapers on anymore. Fast forward to me googling “toddler won’t keep diaper on!” and luckily found your website. We have purchased five that we keep on rotation at ALL times (though they’re about outgrow them, at which time it’ll be time to order the next size up!!


Shannan - Lees Summit, MO

We love these jammies — they are the best!!

Lauren- Sacramento, CA

Good morning.  I have been meaning to email a huge thank you to you!  Your LKS works like a charm for my granddaughter, who is a true Houdini!  She has stopped trying to strip out of all of her clothes now and her parents are thrilled.  They had tried so many things to keep her pajamas on and nothing worked.  This is truly a miracle!!!  Thank you for thinking outside of the box.

Jean - Phoenix, AZ

Your product is wonderful!!!!! My Houdini (2 year old daughter) has been getting out of her sleep bag and stripping down to nothing.
Unfortunately we had a poppy mess the other day so she now sleeps in these for both nap and bedtime. She has a twin sister who is now beginning to do the same so we have started putting her in them as well. My husband and I just got done ordering 4 more pairs. We have another baby on the way so we will be using these for her as well.

Can’t thank you enough!!!


Rocio - Fenton, MO

I just wanted to say how much of a life saver this product really is. My autistic son bought the family to its knees with the poo smearing, up to twenty times a day and causing complete devastation. This outfit saved our sanity. He has now stopped poo smearing although aged 5 now he still wears the “sleepy bear” outfit as we call it at night time as he continues to enjoy weeing on his window sill. I’m very surprised this product isn’t being sold in the U.K yet. It would bring hope to so many families both atypical children and children with special needs, it actually gave me some freedom back as if I left the room I would return to complete devastation everywhere and thus only left the room if absolutely necessary. Thank you so so so much I cannot bring to words how much this truly changed our lives!


Clare - Winchester U.K

I wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with your product. My now 20 month old daughter, Hannah, has preferred 2 piece pajamas since she ditched her sleep sacks. Unfortunately, now she has realized she can take off her pants and her diaper. I got a lot of feedback from other parents on what to do such as put a onesie on in addition to pajamas, cut feet out of cheap footed pajamas and put them on backwards so the zipper is in the back, put diaper on backwards!

I didn’t like any of those options….I just wanted a nicely made pair of pajamas that she couldn’t get off. Your product was everything I was looking for plus she seemed to take to them (I had tried footie pajamas before and she didn’t really take them). I am now purchasing a few more pairs plus your bibs which she also likes to take off. Thank you so very much for making a great product and one I will certainly refer to other parents.


Tara - Richmond, VA

Thank you for your wonderful product. I have never written a product review for anything, but your product has deserved one from me for years. Your business is really a ministry. For those of us who have struggled with the indescribably horrible clean-up when diapers won’t stay on – on top of the other challenges of caring for a special needs child –this product has been a life-changer. The Keeper Sleeper has improved our quality of life enormously. Discovering the Little Keeper Sleeper was a godsend, and they’re cute on top! Thank you. Love the new designs.


Jeanie - Baton Rouge, LA

These are awesome!!! My son was pulling out his G-tube in the middle of the night, but not once since I found Little Keeper Sleepers! THANK YOU!!!

Debbie – Spanish Fork, UT

These pj’s have solved our problem with 2 year old twins, our daughter’s babies. Thanks for a great product!

Celia – Apopka, FL

I am the mother of a two-year-old that would “play” in his dirty diapers while in his crib. I had tried everything, including installing video cameras to try to eliminate this terrible behavior. We also tried putting sleepers on backwards and sewing them on, but somehow Nathan could always manage to get out of them. I consulted with my pediatrician who had no advice on anything else I could try. As a last resort, I spent hours on the Internet looking for answers when I came into contact with this product. Nathan slept in it every night for 6 weeks and never got out. Now he has stopped the behavior and is able to sleep in any pajamas – although I have the “Little Keeper Sleeper®” handy in case he starts again. What a relief it is to be able to put Nathan down and know that there will not be a mess when I go back in his nursery! Definitely worth trying. I give it 5 stars. No, 105 stars!!!


Heather – Alabama

A few months ago we bought some of your sleepers in Size 18. We absolutely LOVE them! I just wanted to say how much we like your product. and that we would like to see you expand your Footed Sleeper lines to include the size 18’s. They are a god send! Thanks!


Thank you so much for your help! My son has cerebral palsy and learning disabilities…this is the first pj we’ve been able to use with him that he will sleep comfortably and not get his diaper off.


Sally - Macomb, MI

I just want to say thanks for the super fast shipping. I ordered the Little Keeper Sleeper on Saturday and received it on Monday. Wow! In addition, the sleeper is cute and fits snugly on my toddler. I was
worried that she would find a way to get to her diaper (because she is rather strong-willed) but after crying for a few minutes and trying to pull up her pants legs…she finally dozed off to sleep. She woke up with no leakage, no stinky hands! I will definitely be ordering more sleepers for my toddler and for my 9 month old son (when the need arises). Thanks so much for excellent service and a great product!


Leticia – Valdosta, GA

This is a truly wonderful idea. These have been a life saver for us!! We had some pretty tough mornings before these came along. I also appreciate the fact that they are very reasonably priced. Most special needs items are usually very expensive, so it was a pleasant surprise when I realized these are well within the budget. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

Kelley – Mayfield Heights, OH

We LOVE your product!!! Little Keeper Sleepers have brought sanity back to our house.

We’ve told all our friends and family and even brought them to playgroup to other mothers could see them.

FABULOUS product!!!
Thank you for making them!!!:)


Courtney - New York, NY

Thank you for the very prompt delivery of sleepovers. They are fab. I was a little worried about ordering as I am in UK  everything was straight forward on ordering and I would not hesitate to order this fabulous product again thank you very much .

Pauline- UK

We love your jammies! It’s so wonderful to be able to put our son
down to sleep and not fear what we find when we get him up.
Thank you for a great product that REALLY works!


Tammy – Covington, Washington

Dear LKS,
I am a mother of twin boys 22 months, both of which have been undressing themselves for the past 6 months with mess EVERYWHERE! I have been using the LKS for a week now and it’s been nothing but bliss, no more code browns, as my husband likes to call it lol! My stress levels and resentment are gone. I belong to Contra Costa Parents of Multiples in California and I told all the ladies on the forum about these soft, high quality pjs and I will continue to spread the word about you guys to every parent I meet. Thank you so much for making these 5 star pjs that even the most clever of Houdinis can’t wiggle out of!


Renee - Union, OH


I ordered 3, 4T Sleepers for my son and they have been heaven sent. I just really can’t tell you how much I appreciate these sleepers.


Kathryn - Temple Terrace, FL

I just wanted to say these sleepers have been a miracle for us. It’s so wonderful that we can all sleep better and wake up to a clean room and a happy son.

Thank you,
Jenny - Springboro, OH

I just received my order of three sleepers from you. It is the second order I made and I have to tell you how thrilled I am with your sleepers. My daughter has special needs and it is so hard to find clothes like yours. I have passed around your website info to all the parents of the children who go to school with my daughter. Thank you



Lisa - Montreal, Canada

I was about at the end of my rope with my 23 month old waking up every night only to take his diaper off, go to the bathroom in his crib, and fall back asleep. It was so gross and it made for a tired mama and baby. I researched and found The Little Sleeper Keeper and almost didn’t get it. I figured there was no neck that my son could not stretch out. I asked around and heard some really great things so I decided to order 3. I received 2 in the mail, so I called and the very nice man on the phone dropped my other one in the mail that same day! Talk about customer service! Anyways, on to the sleepers. WOW!!! We have now been sleeping peacefully for 4 nights in a row! No messes to wake up to. He cried for 2 hours the first night trying to stretch the neck out over and over, but like it claims, it’s a no stretch neck! Thank you so so so much for saving our sanity!


Morgan - Dallas, TX

I cannot thank you enough for making such a wonderful product. My niece has triplets who are now 2 1/2 years old. Talk about monkey see monkey do, well at nap time and when they went to bed for the night my niece would go into their room and couldn’t believe what see was seeing. The boys had stripped down and had taken off their diapers and decorated the room and themselves with the contents of their diapers. My niece was beside herself and exhausted from cleaning the cribs the boys and her daughter every nap and bed time. I thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown. That’s when Great Aunt Bev started searching the internet and found you!! We were skeptical at first because we tried putting their pj’s on backwards but that didn’t work at all. When they came and we saw how they were made and that the neck didn’t stretch we felt better and after a few times of successful naps and bedtimes we were hooked. She washed them so much that they started to rip and when we couldn’t purchase them from you for awhile we panicked. We tried another company but they didn’t work at all. Same concept as yours but the quality just wasn’t there. Finally I received an email from you that they were back in stock and I bought a ton this time. The triplets love to wear them!!


Beverly – Waldwick, NJ


We have ordered from you twice and we love your sleepers! My son will actually keep his clothes on at night and we have had less head aches.

Amy - Ontario, CA

I still use LKS daily for my daughter and love them! We even have a #LKSgangWorldwide hashtag!! Lots of Aussie & UK friends love them, thanks to my pledging of love to your fabulous sleeper!

Liz - Whitestone, NY

This is the third time I’ve ordered from LKS and not only is the product fantastic, the service is always exceptional!


Liz - Redondo Beach, CA

We found the Little Keeper Sleeper on the internet and ordered them immediately. We are in Australia and are unable to get anything here that could help our situation. Our 2 year old boy was undressing 3 times a night so nights and mornings were very messy. We tried sleep suits with invisible zippers, sleeping bags, clothes on backwards and he would wriggle out of them within minutes. Since the Little Keeper Sleeper arrived, he is once again sleeping right through the night, fully clothed and waking up dry. They are a blessing…thank you.


Andrew & Polly, Melbourne, Australia

These are the best outfits i’ve ever bought for my daughter she has GDD and Autism and now can’t remove her diapers in the night.  Thank you guys….we shipped them over to England from your website.

Deborah - UK

We LOVE your product!!! Little Keeper Sleepers have brought sanity back to our house.

We’ve told all our friends and family and even brought them to playgroup to other mothers could see them.

FABULOUS product!!!
Thank you for making them!!!:)

Courtney – New York, NY


A few weeks ago, I ordered Little Keeper Sleepers for my almost three year old daughter. She began removing her pajamas and diaper in her crib a while back, and nothing, from duct tape to sewing modifications on her existing pajamas, was successful at breaking her of the habit. She has autism, so we were having difficulty communicating with her about the need to keep pj’s ON, and also becoming very concerned about her developing problematic sleep patterns.

What a wonderful blessing your sleepers have been! They are soft and comfortable, she keeps them on all night, and we are all getting a good night’s rest. The reduction in the amount of laundry has been a nice bonus too!

Thank you so much for your quality product that delivers as promised. We are sure to become repeat customers as our daughter grows. Any chance you’ll develop inescapable bed linens one of these days? 🙂



Amy T. - Massachusetts

I am a mom of six and I recently tried the Little Keeper Sleeper® on my two year old twins who are constantly taking off their pajamas and clothes. The Little Keeper Sleeper® worked great, neither of them could take it off. It’s warm, cozy and I would use it daily.


Lisa – Crystal Lake, IL

Hello!  I am writing to commend you on a wonderful product!

I am an occupational therapist, working at a school for children who have special needs.  We have a student who is both hearing impaired and visually impaired (deaf/blind) who has been the most amazing Houdini at escaping her clothing and diapers for YEARS.  We have tried many many solutions to this issue, but she has outsmarted us every time.  Until now!  Your sleepers are working.

Brooke - Seaside, CA

This is the second sleeper I’ve ordered for my granddaughter. It is a Godsend!

Joann – Naples, FL

Hi,  I’m beyond thrilled with your product. I’ve bought them countless
times. My son is 6yrs old with Autism so you can imagine why we love them so

Jody - Kenilworth, NJ

I just wanted to write to thank you for inventing Little Sleeper Keepers. 6 months ago my 18 month old daughter started taking off all her clothing and diaper during nap time at school. Day after day we would get calls that she had wiped poop all over everything. She then started to do it at home at night. We tried pins, duct tape, backwards pj’s, 3 layers of pj’s…everything. We desperately searched the web for other people who had had this problem and found YOU! We now have 5 pairs that live at school and at home and are worn every night with 100% success. My daughter just turned 2 and I am guessing we will be in Little Sleeper Keepers for years to come. I have recommended your product to numerous friends who are having the same sleep issues. Thank you!!

Kate - Missoula, MT

Loved the long sleeve/footie PJ’s so much I’m back for the summer version! Saved us!!!


Gabrielle - Haddonfield, NJ

Before receiving your product I was going to lose my mind. Three year old Alex refused to wear clothes to sleep in. He is still in the crib and when I found him in the morning he often had pee on the floor and in the crib. If he had to poop he would wipe it on the crib and the walls. It was horrible! Since receiving the Little Keeper Sleeper his PJs are kept on. Before this product I tried everything to keep his clothes on. He had me beat and now in the morning his clothes are on and I can quickly get him ready for the day. Thank you,

Thank you. Elizabeth, Mother of three year old Alex


Elizabeth – Fairport, New York

Love the new colors! We tried to do the backward pjs again and we were thwarted by our lovely 4 1/2 year old! Thx you! This mother with a child with autism thanks you!


Adrienne - Alexandria, VA

Thank you so much for making these pajamas. I ordered 1 a few weeks ago to try it out. She can not escape them. Ha! Today, I will be ordering 3 more. In the past I never knew what I would find when she woke up in the morning. Thanks again.

Robin – Longwood, FL

I just wanted to write to say that I absolutely LOVE your sleepers!!!! At the time I purchased two of yours, I also purchased another sleeper called EscapeeJays. I must say that your sleeper was definitely superior! The fabric and zipper that you all use for your product was of better quality than the EscapeeJays. Actually, the EscapeeJay’s only lasted 2 washes before it started to fall apart and have problems with the zipper. I am so pleased with your product that I just purchased two more!

Thanks for producing such as high-quality sleeper!!! And, from saving me from waking up to a naked 20mo. old every morning! I will definitely recommend you to the other mom’s I know.


Amanda - Winchester, VA

Our daughter Abigail has autism and has always been able to shed her clothing at will no matter what contraption we tried…until now. You guys make a superior product and we could not be more grateful. 5 days and counting with no messes. She is very sensitive to touch but the Little Sleeper Keepers don’t seem to bother her at all. Soft, comfortable material and the no stretch neck keep her comfortable and maintains our sanity. Worth every penny and truly a God send. We’ve notified the grandparents of how great your product is so expect a few more orders for us. 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Priscilla - Jacksonville, FL

We have two pairs already and they literally have saved my life.
Previously the backward pajamas with the feet cut off worked, but now the
only thing that works are your pajamas. We had to learn the hard way that
these pajamas are the best! THANK YOU : )


Adrienne - Alexandria, VA

I received my order from last week and was able to wash it/try it on. She is currently sleeping in it now and for the first time in over two weeks – did not remove it at all!! Very excited to have found you and your product – thank you!!!


Michelle - St. Augustine, FL

I just want to say Thank You! Your sleepers are a dream come true! My 3 year old son was always getting out of his pj’s. Like so many others, I cut off the feet, turned them backward and used a locking safety pin to hold the neck tight. He still figured out how to get out of them. With the Little Keeper Sleepers, he has no chance of escaping. I have watched him try! HaHaHa! One point for Mama and 100 for you guys at Little Keeper Sleepers. Just this afternoon, I had to wash so he was stuck wearing am old, cut up pair of pj’s for his nap. Within 30 minutes, he was naked and had peed on the floor outside his crib. At least he likes clean sheets. Thank goodness the laundry was just about done so I could get him in a Keeper. Now, he’s sound asleep, dressed and Mama is relaxing. Thank you so much for creating these magnificent, wonderful, sanity-saver pj’s!

Danielle – Lubbock, TX

I LOVE IT!!!! I have had the best experience with it. I have twins and one of which was apparently a Houdini in the making. Nothing worked – not duct tape, backwards pj’s, one pieces, several layers of clothes, pins, etc. This is EXACTLY what we needed months ago. Luckily our other twin is not doing this but if they do, we did order the 2nd sleeper. It’s also great to have one ready while one is in the wash. The color is also perfect since our twins are boy/girl and we don’t have to worry about any issues! Thank you!!!! Even though I’m usually a consignment shopper, this was worth every penny!!!!


M.S. – Georgia

I love these! I ordered one pair last week to try them out and here I am back ordering more. I tried everything, onesies, backwards footed pjs, pinning the zippers of the footed PJs, duct tape across the flaps of his diapers. Nothing stopped him until these. I am so glad someone suggested your site. Maybe now his room will stop smelling like a nasty restroom, and I won’t spend an hour a day scrubbing carpet and bleaching toys.


Ashley - Rockwell, NC

Your Little Keeper Sleepers are the best thing I have ever found!! My daughter was always undressing during nap and bed time and going to the bathroom all over her bed and my son’s bed because they share a room right now. With these LKS pajamas my daughter can no longer cause me the headache of having to clean up pee and poop constantly. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!


Megan - Greenville, TX

I would like to tell you that after a lot of searching in the UK we could not find anything at all like what your sleeper offers. We searched on a lot of local online forums to see how other people were dealing with their kids constantly removing their nappies during the night and thought the silly suggestions of multiple nappies and medical tape was a bit ridiculous when all that was required was a suit that could not be opened or removed by small fingers. I only found escape proof sleepers in America and am glad that I decided to purchase yours (and that you post to UK) as the first night we used it, my little girl had a sound sleep as opposed to the multiple times we had to go in and out checking the nappy situation and redressing her. Thanks again.


Jessie - UK

Hi there! I recently bought my son a long sleeved sleeper and it is awesome! Such a joy to finally have a solution to diaper finger painting. My little Houdini has not figured out how to escape this!

Rachelle - Aberdeen, WA

I recently bought two pairs of the little sleeper keeper and it has saved my life, or at least my sanity which is huge, being the mom to two girls. A few weeks ago my 20 month old daughter decided it was fun to get naked at night, which is great….unless they need to use the bathroom. A friend of mine suggested I just put a safety pin at the top of her Pj’s which sounded great until they learn to get that off (not good.) Finally I ran across your website and you have saved me. Thank you so much for your fabulous invention. I will most likely be back to buy more because not only is this her night time outfit, but also all day long to when I’m home because running after a naked toddler during the day is exhausting, so its now become her “uniform.”


Heather - Denver, CO

These are LIFESAVERS!!! Thank you for developing this product. It is the ONLY sleeper my autistic grandson cannot get out of. THANK YOU for making our lives a little bit easier!!

Linda – Hanover, PA

Thank you so much for getting our 2nd order here quickly. Our oldest daughter got married on Friday and the package arrived on Sat. which was perfect since we had a house full of out of town guests and really didn’t need to be doing a load of laundry at that time. The sleepers are a true blessing! I am sure there are many other families who have the same problem, there are many websites with “helpful hints” on them and none of those worked for us…we pinned them up, we turned the regular sleepers on backwards, we cut out the feet, we have tried everything! They still managed to get out of them! Apparently the neck in your sleeper doesn’t stretch so they can not wiggle out of them.

Thank you, congrats on getting your patent, that is a milestone for your company!


Toni & Larry - Owensboro, KY

As parents of a future magician or contortionist, we were at our wits end trying to keep our two-year-old clothed for the entire night. The “Little Keeper Sleeper®” has been the complete solution to our problem. It’s simple and IT WORKS! Our son sleeps through the night and wakes up in what he went to bed in. It’s GREAT! I would definitely recommend this outfit to anyone who has fought with their children to keep their clothes on in the crib. Thanks.


Ben – Alabama
Hi, just wanted to let you know we received the boys’ sleep suits today. They’re absolutely fantastic, thanks so much- we can’t find anything like it in the UK.
Kate - UK

Already back for more! They are working:) This is now the twins official uniform. Glad you make these in larger sizes. I am sure I will be using them for a long time. Thank you.


Shannon – Estacada, OR

Fantastic fit, and does the trick! I am now able to breathe a bit easier when my daughter is alone in her crib during naptimes and bedtimes. She also loves the little bear on the front.


Caroline – Studio City, California

All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! From the quick shipping to the wonderfully soft material to the inescapable back zipper, these jammies are amazing! They arrived just in time for naps and I didn’t have to deal with the midday stripping! My daughter had been trying to avoid her naps by taking off her pjs and diaper and now I don’t have to deal with it anymore. She also had been wetting her diaper right after going to bed and taking EVERYTHING off and going back to sleep stark naked only to reawaken after she had wet the bed. I don’t have to worry about any of it anymore! These are absolute life AND sanity savers. Thank you!!!


Lauren - Royal Oaks, CA

This is a great product! We have 4 garments already and I just ordered 2 more. It has certainly been a sanity saver for my husband and myself. We have a very active almost 3 year old that likes to strip completely naked at home. We tried reversing her pajamas, using safety pins and even resorted to tape. None of those things ever worked for very long. The Little Keeper Sleeper was a Godsend. We weren’t certain it was going to work. The first time we put it on her she tried all her tricks to get out and none of them worked! Is it bad of me if I said we enjoyed watching her try? ;o) I can’t say enough about this product and I have also been very pleased with their customer service. Thank you!


Liza – Acworth, Georgia

These have been a God send for our family (and my husband’s sanity)! A few months ago our 2 year old decided she was going to play in her diaper at naptime. My husband is a stay-at-home dad and he was about to lose his mind. The last straw was when he called me at work at his wits end. I started googling playing in diaper. Along with finding out this is “normal”, I found your website. Since the Little Keeper Sleeper arrived at our house my husband is once again enjoying staying home with the kids! We suggest this product to anyone in need. They are awesome!!!

Thank you!


Mark and Heather - Indianapolis, IN

These outfits have been a huge success! Thanks!


Shannon - Mount Vernon, IN

I just want you to know how amazing your pajamas are. My son is 16 and has been wearing them for about 4 years. He has Down Syndrome and autism and can escape from anything but Little Keeper Sleepers. I recommend them to parents all the time. I love that you have larger sizes. Although I hope my son will be out of diapers before 18, it’s comforting to know your pajamas will be there.

Kerri - Passaic, NJ

Your sleeper is, by far, the greatest thing ever invented!!!! We have tried duct-taping diapers, cutting the feet off of sleepers and putting them on backward, safety-pinning the sleepers, putting two diapers on, etc… and nothing worked. Then we tried the Little Keeper Sleeper. My little houdini cannot get it off and now we don’t have to wash her bed down and all of her sheets 3 times a day. Thank you so much, and we’ll soon be ordering at least 2 more! (Don’t ever want her to be out of it!)


Amy - Mandeville, Louisiana

I don’t have any questions but I do want to thank you again for a great product.  You have changed our lives by having a sleeper that our granddaughter can use without us worrying that she will take off her clothes and mess her bed and herself.  The sleepers are one of the best things we have found to keep our granddaughter safe and happy.  They make us happy as well.

Paul - Macungie, PA

These things are the BEST! They’ve brought some harmony back into my home
and helped me to see how sweet and cute my son can be- instead of being so
angry about the nasty messes he was making. Thanks so much!!!


Nicole - Saint Paul, MN

My 2 year old always had a tendency of taking off her p.j.’s and her diaper at night which left us with a mess to clean up in the mornings. This product was the best solution. No more messes to clean and she sleeps comfortably in them. I’ll keep using this product for future uses and refer it to other families as well. Keep up the good job: )


Jeremy - Idaho Falls, ID

I am very impressed with the quick service and would like to thank you all for the great service!


Shannon - Winnipeg, Canada

When my second baby, Brea, turned two she threw me for a loop. To this point she had been a peaceful, quiet little girl. Who knew it could all change so drastically overnight? She became mischievous, curious, and naughty… all at once. Her favorite new fascination was to take off her diaper and explore it’s contents. I know… SICK! My husband and I thought this was just her way of telling us it was time for potty training. We tried everything to rid her of this nasty habit, but nothing helped. We taught her how to use the potty, but any time we put her down for a nap or in bed for the night she would revert to her old habits. The messes were unbearable. We read an article that suggested taping the diaper shut. Masking tape wasn’t strong enough to keep her out of trouble and duct tape was too tough to get off when I needed to change her. We heard that turning a pair of sleeper pajamas around backwards was the answer, but the feet twisted up around her ankles and didn’t look very comfy. Plus, with a good tug she could stretch the neck out big enough to climb right out of them. Finally, a good friend sent me the Little Keeper Sleeper. This pair of zip-up-the-back jammies was the answer to my woes. Brea couldn’t escape them, the diaper stayed in place, the contents were contained, and (when it was time) I could easily remove the jammies. No parent of a toddler should be without the Little Keeper Sleeper!


Rebecca - Utah

I picked up Lilli’s new jammies today! I can’t tell you enough how much she loves having pink jammies finally!! Thank you so much!! She’s been wearing nothing but LKS for the last 4 years & we love them!! It’s so nice to have pink ones for her now, I’ll be ordering more pink for sure & maybe the other colors, too!! Thanks so much again.

Brandi – Sault Saint Marie, Canada

Our adorable three-year-old son has a genetic disorder that makes most days a bit of a struggle. Nights in general have been rough and only get worse when we kept finding him removing his pajamas. You answered our prayers! We LOVE the Little Keeper Sleeper! He can’t take it off and the one with the short sleeves and no footies helps with his struggle to control his body temperature. And it helps us have some peace of mind that though he may be up several times a night at least we’re not going to find him pajamaless and standing in a mess! So thank you for your ingenuity and for marketing it for families like ours.


Paula - Carson City, NV

My 2 year old daughter started taking her pj’s and diaper off in the night and by morning her bed was soaked and she was messy, cold and upset. She was also doing the same thing at the sitter’s during her naps. Being that she just turned 2 years old, I was unable to rationalize with her, and it became very frustrating. I started asking around for solutions and found out about the Little Keeper Sleeper. Since my daughter has been wearing the Little Keeper Sleeper, no more mess. She cannot get out of it and has even stopped trying. The Little Keeper Sleeper was such a success for me, that I got one for my sitter and she was very grateful. I highly recommend the Little Keeper Sleeper for anyone with similar situations.


Lisa - Libertyville, IL

A few years ago, I ordered two pairs of your Little Keeper Sleepers, one long-sleeved and one short-sleeved for my child with Special Needs from Amazon.
My husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your product and I think our daughter has learned to appreciate them as well.

My daughter will ONLY wear LITTLE KEEPER SLEEPWEAR. My husband and I found this out just after Christmas. She received a regular pair of footed zip-up pj’s. We showed her her new pj’s and she immediately signed using, American Sign Language, to us “NO” and signed the colors “pink” “white” with the look of fear in her eyes as if they were gone.

To be honest, I would think it would be pretty awesome if you branched out to “chain stores”. This way I can avoid shipping time, because I’d have the item right away! I think it’s safe to say this, speaking for other families who have children or provide care for adults with Special Needs, that no waiting is the most amazing feeling when it comes down to a NEED.

Again, I cannot express how amazing your product is down to the material, secured non-stretchy neckline, and the 3-snap system with covered zipper flap. Your product has lasted through many many washings and they still look new.

Bravo for a well made product!!

Thank You


Thank you for all your help!! You provided the best and most responsive customer service I have ever received – probably because you’re a mom and know how frustrating bad service can be. Thank you. I will continue to highly recommend your products to all my friends!


Amanda - Tucson, AZ

Blessings and Greetings,

Praise Jesus in the highest!!!!! He heard my prayers. I was going out of my mind when my nearly 2 year old granddaughter wanted to start taking off her clothes and diaper all the time. I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. My granddaughter was able to get out of everything! Thank God, I googled my situation and read ALL the reviews/comments and found out I wasn’t alone

I knew I needed to find a solution ASAP. I came across a review that commented on LKS, went to the website and almost cried because I found a solution!!!! I told my husband we HAD TO purchase the sleepers if he wanted me to still have some hair on my head. We purchased all 3 styles. She has not been able to get out of them, she tried but failed AMEN!

We will continue to purchase these as she grows older. We thank God for your company.

In HIS Service,


Deborah - Maryland

The Little Keeper Sleeper has been the best thing! Before we put the sleeper on our toddler, he took his pajamas off every single night. There were so many messes to clean up, I didn’t know what I’d do. This is our fourth baby, and we have never been so frustrated. Little Keeper Sleeper has made such a difference. Also, the quality of the product is excellent. Even though we wash it every day, the sleeper has held up beautifully for months. I highly recommend this product!


Alison & James – Johnson City, TN


I just wanted to say thank you so much for making these. Our 3 year old Autistic child is using these so that he can’t “dismantle” everything he is wearing when we put him down to sleep. We all can finally get some rest!


You guys make the greatest pj’s in the world! You’re awesome & we wouldn’t make it without you.
Thank you!


Jeff - Gladstone, OR

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that your company has brought HARMONY back into our home! NO more cleaning up the lovely “poop paintings” my autistic 5 year old Grandson (Finn) loved to leave for us to discover just about each & every morning! Just about the greatest invention EVER!! We’ve tried many, many other solutions, many other types of pajamas, but these are the ONLY ones he’s ever not been able to escape from, & we feel he even looks forward to putting it on each night & @ nap time now that he’s grown used to it!
So THANK YOU from the OUR Family! I’m getting ready to order another right now so we’ve got a third on hand! I will be shouting from the rooftops to direct anyone with this issue to your website!
Have a great day!


Thank you for an outstanding product and great customer service.


Paul - Waterford, MI

As parents of 3 young children, the last thing you want to see when wishing your little ones a good morning is a diaperless child and a messy crib. After experiencing this several times, we tried the Little Keeper Sleeper. They are soft to the touch and are impossible for our little ones to take off. Since westarted using the Little Keeper Sleeper, we have only experienced a clean crib and a smile from a good nights sleep. Thank you Little Keeper Sleeper.


Brett & Carrie - Algonquin, IL

Just wanted to say thank you soooo much for your wonderful customer service and gorgeous suits! They have our poo painter under control and she looks so cute at the same time. I have a major soft spot for onesies!

Thanks Again.


Holly - Glenalta, Australia

I just placed my second order for 3 of your Little Sleeper Keepers. My 5 year old daughter has autism and can’t always express when she needs to go to the bathroom. Needless to say, naps and bedtime from age 2 on were stressful at best. As so on as she learned that she could take off her clothes, she stripped everything off. We modified one piece outfits and even had a seamstress make her pajamas, but she always found a way to get out. A couple of years ago, I found your product through an online search and I can not begin to tell you what a blessing it was. She loved the outfit from the first time we put it on her, which is always a concern. She goes straight for her Little Keeper Sleeper at bedtime. It has even helped with her using her words to help tell us if she needs to go to the bathroom or has an accident after going to bed. She loves it so much that some mornings she even wants to get back into them after getting up to start her day!

I can’t stress what a benefit your product is and after searching high and low for something similar, never found anything that worked as well.

I just wanted you to know much your product has brought peace to my household. It is a blessing.

Thank you!!


Delana - Raleigh, NC

I just wanted to reach out to your company. There is NO way we could get through a day with any amount of ease without your wonderful product. My son was adopted from Ukraine 2 years ago. Prior to his adoption he was beaten, starved, and horribly abused in a mental institution. He came home at the age of 6 weighing only 23 pounds and was dangerously unhealthy. He is totally blind, non-verbal and severely autistic.

When he first arrived home we could not manage to keep him dressed. He would scream constantly, scratch at his clothes, self injure, and was in a constant state of distress. After a few desperate pleas for advice over facebook a sweet friend sent me a few keeper sleepers to try…telling me that they were a God send for her and her family. I was skeptical but I gave them a try. And my son, Aidan, was instantly calm. Not only did the magical pajamas keep him dressed but they also hugged him in a way that helped him to feel secure. Our nightly battle with diapers being removed and constant screaming came to an end the day we found your product.

Katherine - Madison, AL

Thank you for your product – it has saved me hours of sanitizing and cleaning my daughter’s crib.


Judy – Manassas, Virginia

We received the sleepers yesterday.
So here’s what happened…
Alex (our 2 year old son) was happy to put on the sleeper. One leg, two legs, one arm, two arms…but then the smiled disappeared. He looked pretty concerned about the zipper being in the back. We zipped him up, did up the snaps and tucked him into bed…he screamed and pulled at the sleeper for about 5 minutes. He took a typical 2-year old’s temper tantrum and fell asleep. About an hour later he woke up and screamed again – it sounded like an angry scream…and I knew exactly what his problem was. He was angry that he couldn’t get that sleeper off…no matter how hard he tried. He gave up rather quickly and was back asleep within a few minutes. This morning – I woke up to a toddler still in his pajamas with a diaper still on and wahoo…clean sheets!

Just sending a lil’ update…
The first night with the new sleeper…made Alex pretty upset.
He didn’t want to put it on and fought to take it off.
Of course…he couldn’t take it off…haha.
But ever since…it’s been no problem at all to get the sleeper on.
He loves his new sleeper and is more than happy to put it on…he even helps put his arms in, his legs in, and then turns around to get zipped up!
I’d recommend these sleepers to anyone with a toddler, even if their toddler isn’t taking their clothes off at night…they’re really just great.

Thanks again!


Nadine – Ontario, Canada

Thank you! Such a well-made product, much better than one of your competitors and it fits more true to size. Love them!

Sharon – San Antonia, TX

I have not found pajamas that my 3 year old could not escape from, or at least couldn’t get at her diaper through. I have cleaned walls, beds, bedding, carpet, etc way too much. I was skeptical that she wouldn’t be able to escape these, so I only ordered one pair to start with. They worked! She tried, but couldn’t get out. I ordered a couple more pairs for her and some for my 2 year old. She doesn’t play with her diaper, but takes her pajamas off within a few minutes of being in bed and wakes up cold. She won’t be able to get these off, so hopefully she’ll sleep better. Thank you!

Teresa - West St. Paul, MN

I got these sleepers for my son and so far it has been a Godsend. Two days in a row, I have not had to wash sheets two and three times a day. I am so glad you developed this product.


Kris – Reading, PA

I just wanted to say I purchased some Little Keeper sleepers, they are awesome and well worth the money! I have three children with Angelman Syndrome (a rare neurological disorder) and they are better than Houdini for taking off their clothes. I use these for my two youngest children ages 5 and 3. Your sleepers are soft, fit great and have proven to be very durable! I have shared your website many times and will continue to do so!

Thank you for making such a great product!!!


Stacy - Spokane WA

Your product has been life changing. I can’t tell you how grateful we are. Nap time takes on a new meaning, story time and putting on our “sleepy” clothes makes it so much easier. Knowing that when I get him up in the morning, I will only be greeted by his smiling face and not an unwelcome cleanup, this is absolutely priceless! Thank you!


Diana – Hazel Green, AL

A little while back I purchased 2 Little Keeper Sleepers. I have to first tell you that they have been a god send. My autistic son had been taking his pajamas off several times during the night, and he has not once, taken these sleepers off. Thank you so much.


Kari - Ellicott City, MD
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