I just wanted to reach out to your company. There is NO way we could get through a day with any amount of ease without your wonderful product. My son was adopted from Ukraine 2 years ago. Prior to his adoption he was beaten, starved, and horribly abused in a mental institution. He came home at the age of 6 weighing only 23 pounds and was dangerously unhealthy. He is totally blind, non-verbal and severely autistic.

When he first arrived home we could not manage to keep him dressed. He would scream constantly, scratch at his clothes, self injure, and was in a constant state of distress. After a few desperate pleas for advice over facebook a sweet friend sent me a few keeper sleepers to try…telling me that they were a God send for her and her family. I was skeptical but I gave them a try. And my son, Aidan, was instantly calm. Not only did the magical pajamas keep him dressed but they also hugged him in a way that helped him to feel secure. Our nightly battle with diapers being removed and constant screaming came to an end the day we found your product.

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