A few years ago, I ordered two pairs of your Little Keeper Sleepers, one long-sleeved and one short-sleeved for my child with Special Needs from Amazon.
My husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your product and I think our daughter has learned to appreciate them as well.

My daughter will ONLY wear LITTLE KEEPER SLEEPWEAR. My husband and I found this out just after Christmas. She received a regular pair of footed zip-up pj’s. We showed her her new pj’s and she immediately signed using, American Sign Language, to us “NO” and signed the colors “pink” “white” with the look of fear in her eyes as if they were gone.

To be honest, I would think it would be pretty awesome if you branched out to “chain stores”. This way I can avoid shipping time, because I’d have the item right away! I think it’s safe to say this, speaking for other families who have children or provide care for adults with Special Needs, that no waiting is the most amazing feeling when it comes down to a NEED.

Again, I cannot express how amazing your product is down to the material, secured non-stretchy neckline, and the 3-snap system with covered zipper flap. Your product has lasted through many many washings and they still look new.

Bravo for a well made product!!

Thank You

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