I am the mother of a two-year-old that would “play” in his dirty diapers while in his crib. I had tried everything, including installing video cameras to try to eliminate this terrible behavior. We also tried putting sleepers on backwards and sewing them on, but somehow Nathan could always manage to get out of them. I consulted with my pediatrician who had no advice on anything else I could try. As a last resort, I spent hours on the Internet looking for answers when I came into contact with this product. Nathan slept in it every night for 6 weeks and never got out. Now he has stopped the behavior and is able to sleep in any pajamas – although I have the “Little Keeper Sleeper®” handy in case he starts again. What a relief it is to be able to put Nathan down and know that there will not be a mess when I go back in his nursery! Definitely worth trying. I give it 5 stars. No, 105 stars!!!


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