When my second baby, Brea, turned two she threw me for a loop. To this point she had been a peaceful, quiet little girl. Who knew it could all change so drastically overnight? She became mischievous, curious, and naughty… all at once. Her favorite new fascination was to take off her diaper and explore it’s contents. I know… SICK! My husband and I thought this was just her way of telling us it was time for potty training. We tried everything to rid her of this nasty habit, but nothing helped. We taught her how to use the potty, but any time we put her down for a nap or in bed for the night she would revert to her old habits. The messes were unbearable. We read an article that suggested taping the diaper shut. Masking tape wasn’t strong enough to keep her out of trouble and duct tape was too tough to get off when I needed to change her. We heard that turning a pair of sleeper pajamas around backwards was the answer, but the feet twisted up around her ankles and didn’t look very comfy. Plus, with a good tug she could stretch the neck out big enough to climb right out of them. Finally, a good friend sent me the Little Keeper Sleeper. This pair of zip-up-the-back jammies was the answer to my woes. Brea couldn’t escape them, the diaper stayed in place, the contents were contained, and (when it was time) I could easily remove the jammies. No parent of a toddler should be without the Little Keeper Sleeper!


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