I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about this product because my twins could get out of anything. They are 2 and at a stage where they want to be naked all the time and that includes their diapers!
We tried everything including putting pj’s on backwards and duct tape on the diaper and nothing could keep them from taking off their pj’s and diapers. Out of desperation one day, I did an internet search and lo and behold I came across this site. I ordered 4 pair right away and prayed that this would finally be the answer. Well, it’s been 2 weeks now and they have not managed to figure out how to get these off! They sure tried in the beginning but now they like having pj’s on and some days they wear them all day because it’s the only clothing they will tolerate for a long period of time. The snug fit makes them perfect for play because their clothes don’t get caught in stuff.

I love them so much, I just ordered 4 more!

Thanks so much for an amazing product and for making my life so much


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