We received the sleepers yesterday.
So here’s what happened…
Alex (our 2 year old son) was happy to put on the sleeper. One leg, two legs, one arm, two arms…but then the smiled disappeared. He looked pretty concerned about the zipper being in the back. We zipped him up, did up the snaps and tucked him into bed…he screamed and pulled at the sleeper for about 5 minutes. He took a typical 2-year old’s temper tantrum and fell asleep. About an hour later he woke up and screamed again – it sounded like an angry scream…and I knew exactly what his problem was. He was angry that he couldn’t get that sleeper off…no matter how hard he tried. He gave up rather quickly and was back asleep within a few minutes. This morning – I woke up to a toddler still in his pajamas with a diaper still on and wahoo…clean sheets!

Just sending a lil’ update…
The first night with the new sleeper…made Alex pretty upset.
He didn’t want to put it on and fought to take it off.
Of course…he couldn’t take it off…haha.
But ever since…it’s been no problem at all to get the sleeper on.
He loves his new sleeper and is more than happy to put it on…he even helps put his arms in, his legs in, and then turns around to get zipped up!
I’d recommend these sleepers to anyone with a toddler, even if their toddler isn’t taking their clothes off at night…they’re really just great.

Thanks again!


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