I cannot thank you enough for making such a wonderful product. My niece has triplets who are now 2 1/2 years old. Talk about monkey see monkey do, well at nap time and when they went to bed for the night my niece would go into their room and couldn’t believe what see was seeing. The boys had stripped down and had taken off their diapers and decorated the room and themselves with the contents of their diapers. My niece was beside herself and exhausted from cleaning the cribs the boys and her daughter every nap and bed time. I thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown. That’s when Great Aunt Bev started searching the internet and found you!! We were skeptical at first because we tried putting their pj’s on backwards but that didn’t work at all. When they came and we saw how they were made and that the neck didn’t stretch we felt better and after a few times of successful naps and bedtimes we were hooked. She washed them so much that they started to rip and when we couldn’t purchase them from you for awhile we panicked. We tried another company but they didn’t work at all. Same concept as yours but the quality just wasn’t there. Finally I received an email from you that they were back in stock and I bought a ton this time. The triplets love to wear them!!


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