I was about at the end of my rope with my 23 month old waking up every night only to take his diaper off, go to the bathroom in his crib, and fall back asleep. It was so gross and it made for a tired mama and baby. I researched and found The Little Sleeper Keeper and almost didn’t get it. I figured there was no neck that my son could not stretch out. I asked around and heard some really great things so I decided to order 3. I received 2 in the mail, so I called and the very nice man on the phone dropped my other one in the mail that same day! Talk about customer service! Anyways, on to the sleepers. WOW!!! We have now been sleeping peacefully for 4 nights in a row! No messes to wake up to. He cried for 2 hours the first night trying to stretch the neck out over and over, but like it claims, it’s a no stretch neck! Thank you so so so much for saving our sanity!


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