We LOVE your product!!! Little Keeper Sleepers have brought sanity back to our house.

We’ve told all our friends and family and even brought them to playgroup to other mothers could see them.

FABULOUS product!!!
Thank you for making them!!!:)

Courtney – New York, NY


A few weeks ago, I ordered Little Keeper Sleepers for my almost three year old daughter. She began removing her pajamas and diaper in her crib a while back, and nothing, from duct tape to sewing modifications on her existing pajamas, was successful at breaking her of the habit. She has autism, so we were having difficulty communicating with her about the need to keep pj’s ON, and also becoming very concerned about her developing problematic sleep patterns.

What a wonderful blessing your sleepers have been! They are soft and comfortable, she keeps them on all night, and we are all getting a good night’s rest. The reduction in the amount of laundry has been a nice bonus too!

Thank you so much for your quality product that delivers as promised. We are sure to become repeat customers as our daughter grows. Any chance you’ll develop inescapable bed linens one of these days? 🙂



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