Dear Miraquad Corp,

I have to let you know how pleased I am with the LKS. Shipping was super fast. In fact, I ordered items online from another large department store on June 1st and I have yet to see my package. I ordered my LKS items at the beginning of the week, June 11, and they have already arrived by week’s end.

The color of the sleeper does leave a lot to be desired. As far as fashion goes this would not be your first choice (okay maybe not even on the list) however; if you have ever had to clean up after a diaper disaster (and I’ve cleaned a few) you know darn well that fashion is the last thing on the mind. The only thing that really matters is does it work??? And this surely works!!!! It doesn’t get better than that!!!!! The fit is great, she can’t make it through the arm holes or footies and she just can’t figure out that darn zipper although she has spent countless naps dedicated to the puzzle

I usually don’t write reviews however; I read them religiously and reviews often help me make my purchasing decision. This is a product that I feel deserves my honest, open and pleased feedback.

Not only do they work but, they hold up great through multiple washings. During the same time of my first order I also purchased a similar product through another company (very cute and fashionable). They have not held up nearly as well. One pair got a hole during the first few weeks of use and both leg and arm holes are able to be stretched out for access when the desire and focus is there. The LKS sleepers are still in great shape. You should think about starting out some type of swap out program because the only problem is that sooner or later they like everything else will be outgrown.

I am now on my second order and her habits have not yet changed. I’m glad to know that the LKS will be growing with her!

Thank you, you have made a terrific product that has stood the test of time!



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