Blessings and Greetings,

Praise Jesus in the highest!!!!! He heard my prayers. I was going out of my mind when my nearly 2 year old granddaughter wanted to start taking off her clothes and diaper all the time. I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. My granddaughter was able to get out of everything! Thank God, I googled my situation and read ALL the reviews/comments and found out I wasn’t alone

I knew I needed to find a solution ASAP. I came across a review that commented on LKS, went to the website and almost cried because I found a solution!!!! I told my husband we HAD TO purchase the sleepers if he wanted me to still have some hair on my head. We purchased all 3 styles. She has not been able to get out of them, she tried but failed AMEN!

We will continue to purchase these as she grows older. We thank God for your company.

In HIS Service,


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