I just wanted to send a great BIG thank you for your LKS. They literally changed my life! I have 3 children and my youngest child began removing his sleepers and diapers around 18 months. He could escape out of any sleeper and believe me I tried them all. I even tried putting the sleeper on backwards with a turtleneck onesie over the top, and duct taped the diaper. Once he escaped from that I felt hopeless. I dreaded naptime and bedtime and felt like I was destined to clean up these horrifying messes everyday. So, I began a search for a product that could help me. I couldn’t find anything at first. But then, I found your website while on babycenter.com. I read some comments from parents who had tried these pj’s and swore they worked even for their own little Houdinis. We ordered one and he coudn’t take it off. I thought, well, let’s give it a couple more nights and see what happens. Nope, he couldn’t get them off! It has been a year and he has never been able to get them off! We have 4 and I am about to place an order for 2 more. I have washed and dried them countless times. They are made of such good quality and have held up really well. I love the new colors and stripes by the way. They are really cute!

Thank you again for such a wonderful product.



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