I just want to say Thank You! Your sleepers are a dream come true! My 3 year old son was always getting out of his pj’s. Like so many others, I cut off the feet, turned them backward and used a locking safety pin to hold the neck tight. He still figured out how to get out of them. With the Little Keeper Sleepers, he has no chance of escaping. I have watched him try! HaHaHa! One point for Mama and 100 for you guys at Little Keeper Sleepers. Just this afternoon, I had to wash so he was stuck wearing am old, cut up pair of pj’s for his nap. Within 30 minutes, he was naked and had peed on the floor outside his crib. At least he likes clean sheets. Thank goodness the laundry was just about done so I could get him in a Keeper. Now, he’s sound asleep, dressed and Mama is relaxing. Thank you so much for creating these magnificent, wonderful, sanity-saver pj’s!

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