Product Features

Why should you choose the Little Keeper Sleeper®?

  • It prevents children from removing their sleepers and diapers.
  • This product gives caregivers peace of mind knowing their child will be secure in the Little Keeper Sleeper® when when going through this phase.
  • The zipper on the back of the garment makes access difficult for the child.
  • Our product has two flap closures with snaps. One flap sits underneath the zipper, preventing the zipper from going down.
  • The unique closure system is easy for caregivers to open, but extremely difficult for the child wearing the Little Keeper Sleeper® to open.
  • The material around the neck is non-stretchable, so it is not easy for children to get their arms out through that area.
  • A zipper extends from the neck all the way down the leg, making it easy for diaper changes and on/off access by caregivers.
  • The 100% soft interlock cotton fabric is snug fitting and comfortable throughout.
  • This garment can be worn by both boys & girls.

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