About Us

We are proud parents of four children. Our firstborn arrived in 2002, and just 22 months later we welcomed triplets into our family. Although they’ve all been out of diapers and cribs for a while, we remember quite vividly the first time we walked into their room in the morning and found one of our daughters with her entire sleeper and diaper off. It was kind of funny in a way, until the next day when all three kids had their sleepers off!

It wasn’t quite so funny then. Nor was it when it happened again at nap time. We turned to each other to figure out what we could do to stop this behavior before it turned into a daily problem. We headed to the stores in search of a sleeper the kids could not take off, ensuring they’d stay warm at night and there wouldn’t be any mess to clean in their cribs. We looked all over and found no such product. At that point we decided we would “go for it” and commit to making a product we wish we would have had for our children – one that could be a sanity saver for many parents and caregivers!

We originally designed the sleeper with just the zipper and a single snap in the back, thinking, “How easy, we’re done!” Not quite! The toddlers we had test our product were still able to get out of it by undoing the simple snap and stretching the neck of the garment enough to get their arms out and pull down the zipper enough to escape out of the sleeper. We were back to the drawing board. After many, many changes, we finally did it! We developed a sleeper that is easy for caregivers to get on and off, but not one toddler wearing it could get out of it! Yes, success!

After a great deal of thought, we decided to name this product the Little Keeper Sleeper®. Our company name, Miraquad, represents the miracle of our four children. Without them, we certainly would have never developed this product.

Our goal is to help as many people with children who remove their sleepers and diapers. We have heard some extreme stories about what happens once that diaper comes off! (We’ll spare you the details.)

Thank you very much for visiting the Little Keeper Sleeper® website. We truly appreciate your business, and we would love to hear how the Little Keeper Sleeper® has helped you.

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